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Dr. Noble Allman
Your Middletown Chiropractor

I came to Dr. Allman for my monthly adjustment. I had also been having discomfort in my left wrist after moving furniture a few weeks before. I mentioned it to Dr. Allman at my visit and he examined my wrist and adjusted it and it felt a lot better. I didnt have a problem with it after that.

-- Chris R.

 As a distance runner, routine adjustments help keep me physically strong during training and participating in a variety of race events. Dr Allman's support continues to be a key element in achieving my goals to keep moving forward and running happy and healthy.

--- Cathy W.

 Having a full time desk job and a part time photography business, I constantly suffer with migraines and back issues. Dr Allman is able to reduce my migraines, and my back pain associated with lifting heavy photography equipment with his adjustment techniques. Dr Allman is the best of the best!

--- Tony R

 We made a family decision to put our children in orthotics at an early age of 5 and 7. Our 7 year old's ankles rolled in and she had flat feet. As she stood, her legs looked a bit awkward and as concerned parents we worried about the impact this would have on her posture as she grew. We consulted with Dr. Allman and he recommended orthotics. We pursued and were very pleased with the results. She seemed to stand taller she had improved posture and stamina. We had our 5 year old tested and was surprised to learn he also could benefit. Our children are now 10 and 12 and very active in sports and wear their orthotics daily.

 --Mike & Rhonda F..

 Dr. Allman has always been able to address any concern that I have had. From a car accident, my job and traveling to everyday life that stresses the body. Dr Allman has taught me to understand how chiropractic care helps the body. I have been healthier from regular chiropractic treatments. He listens and cares about each patient. Dr Allman has improved my life and I am thankful for that.

 --- Tammy B.

A few months ago, my family and I were involved in an automobile accident. We all suffered some injuries ranging from sprains, strains, and fractures. Dr Allman was able to handle and treat all our injuries and help us through our therapy to a full recovery. Thanks to Dr. Allman we are all doing much better and have improved since being under his care.

                          --- Michelle P.

I have been a patient of Dr. Allman's for 7 years. He has helped me through   some bad aches and pains. I saw another chiropractor for 24 years. I never had relief in all that time. Dr. Allman is friendly, kind, and remembers what I have wrong. He takes the time to answer any questions and makes me feel like I am his special patient. I hope he is around for a very long time.

--- Sandy O.

I am a long term chiropractic patient. From multiple injuries, TMJ and asthma, I have been amazed at how chiropractic care can return quality of life. I have found Dr. Allman to be very professional, knowledgeable compassionate and most of all he believes in providing quality to health care. Dr.Allman is a wealth of knowledge about nutrition, the best way to care for a recent or chronic injury when it comes to ice, heat and  exercises to strengthen..

--- Linda A.

Well, with all the pain I was in, I had a debilitating headache nothing would shake. I couldn't think, sleep or hold my head up. I was off work for all this for over six months but i decided to take a chance on Dr. Allman. Thank you jesus and Dr Smail for sending me to Dr. Allman. I met him and he didn't really think he could help me. Now this surprised me. An honest doctor telling me he didn't want to mislead me. He really didn't think he could help me but i sort of begged. He sent me for x-rays and I saw him again the next day. He was very excited. I had my first adjustment. He never hurt me. He was so gentle that I didn't feel anything .The next day, the headache was completely gone.

---Pinkie B


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